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May 04, 2006



Excellent Blog. Keep up the good work!


and congrats for the baby too! :-)


Thanks Umar...



Does anyone know of any data mining case studies for the telecom Market. Specifically, I'm interested in customer churn predicition, customer data profiling and network traffic forecasting using data mining with/without SQL Server.



Check out the following link:

Also the book **Data Mining Techniques** might have some good information for you.



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wagon open eyes, see it GHD Australia a strange forest, slightly ears heard gurgling of water, the body is rotting stems thick deciduous moist taste. ink out June's, Fan Zhen persecution unnamed assassins to kill Li Yuchen jumping ... ... Yes, unfortunately, he fell into a precipice, fortunately, survived. However, Li Yuchen? She remembers clearly, in the fall this time, with all its last drop of energy to support it. It will be good? No, it will be something never "Chen Yu Chen Yu" by the dim light visual for his great fall, she began to walk through the thick bushes carefully searched. Finally, in a stream nearby, was found lying on the shore, is still in a coma Yuchen Li. I was wet, thigh also inserted a medium carved>ghd uk ghd uk k wood, the wound was the infiltration, the bloodshed is terrible. In this case, you must pass to keep the trees, breaking several branches of the tree after tree fell into the river and was washed here. I hold your breath, it squats, taking care of the nose down, finally let out a long sigh, well at least still breathing. and carefully follow the bones and lost the ball again, her heart gave a ring, this type at least three broken ribs, short-term hope is unlikely to wake up. She bites his teeth with a knife cut through his clothes, took off his coat wet water to wash his wound, and then spent a great ghd outlet d effort to drag it to clean ordered spread on the grass and use a knife to cut two pieces of wood to clamp the wound, remove strips underwear and union setting, both to avoid injury. It was completely dark, all sorts of wild animals in the valley echoed noise as it falls, another rises to a person cringe. At the bottom of the garbage cliff is scarce, met a lot of fast, arms folded Li Yuchen touch the fire, flash, blue flames leapt, brings the warmth of his At the same time, also give the hope of life. This time, you must have found the two missing people of color ink. The bottom of the cliff, fire, aim should be much larger, better than you do. However, this is not the paddock area, fire can effectively resist the In his secret heart pray, wish you luck is not so bad! Although it entered into a summer night, the temperature of the forests have declined rapidly, and she was injured, excessive loss of blood, the more aware Qihan call. Li Yuchen still trembling, the body is more like shrimp, made a ball, blush, lips cracked, apparently, have a With great care they take off wet clothes in the branch of fire support, build a dry, wearing only a bra, take off the coat to the entire body. A strange scene if to outsiders to see, I do not know how to download the Common Customs Jiang Mei smiled with self-mockery Views Li Yuchen side arms of the bottles and cans. I do not think this guy looks handsome Sven, who was received as a child as Kiki things so strange? To avoid confusion, the bottles lined GHD sale on the front of the body, and at night I do not see what's in the bottle again, without any mark, composition , we know nothing function However, he thought that even Xiao Peiqin are taking medicine, but also have a bottle of it for the occasion. Its only open one to the smell of the past finally smell the flavor of the three seven, can not stop living. To avoid confusion, pick up some put their wounds near a quarter of an hour, after not abnormal, lest the poor efficiency, assault on half a bottle of deposited he survived his injuries. After all, fatigue is affected, your dry cloth cover half the body warm, your next to him, I insisted that the drying of clothes, is imperceptible dream. cube llopJiang Mei was crying a strange awakening, eyes open, watching the wind blowing off a fire and fire -. Through a pair of green eyes in the firefly firefly is the wolf! One of the most ferocious animals in pastures, usually three together before, and he dare hope the lion and tiger. It is feared, not only because of its strong attack, but his fighting spirit and tenacious character very clever wit. They are very organized, clear, once the eyes of the wolf, usually involves the crowning calamity. Jiang Mei rose, act of confusion to add fuel to the fire, the fire quickly got up, and soon to be the downward pressure, and is willing to make. Small patches of green in the distant past flashing and constantly increasing, back and forth, left and right, step by step approach in the field. "Hey, you good ~" Mei Jiang concentrate on trying to communicate with them, "I am Jiang Mei" Wolves are always in silence, his eyes fixed in their blood . Damn. At this critical moment, but loses its ability! She held out the olive branch without a response wolf. They are waiting for the moment, the fire, which is the time of the attack. Jiang Mei knows that trying to heat with wood crackles in the night over every hit by terror. wolf and man through the hand fire, a silent battle. code next to the pyre, decreasing at an alarming rate, see how long>ghd outlet ghd outlet l the support of Jiang Mei's, he ventured to meet costs enough branch. "Still," a cold hand suddenly grabbed the wrist, his voice sounded hoarse darkness in the ears. "Yu Chen?" Jiang Mei looked down, a pair of black eyes are like the soft look. She was surprised again at hand, "are you awake?" wore their own clothes, with long and wide, the waist Yingying, the unbearable grip, the wind blows cuff flap, revealing a top tube of blood, jump the firelight, like a attractive beast, full of different kinds of style. "Do not move, move, wolves will attack." Li Yuchen affect the mouth, check the lower trace of a smile, politely turned the eyes, adjust your breathing, to the extent possible, with a moderate to explain his situation. "Well," said Jiang Mei desperately nodded his head, tears in orbit. If I tell you the truth, when he was in a coma, she not only fear of wolves - because there is no time to be afraid. But now, he woke up, inexplicably sad, even to feel bad. Although still seriously injured, with GHD Deluxe Midnight Collection difficulty moving, this dependence it ghd uk l produces a little strange. But he is still alive, which gave further support to the courage and confidence. "The wood burned also can stand for half an hour." Jiang Mei dropped his voice to explain the situation to him. Hold the palm of his hand trembling, gently, gently stroking his hand. Like the jade is hot and moist, smooth as silk. This is a pair of providing for himself and live comfortably in your hand, do not eat bitter, I do not know. "coins from his pocket, gave me a few pieces." He tried to let the mood seems more alive, to reduce their fears. "Now you can also send the gun" sees Mei Jiang is an obvious concern: "Are you sure you can blow, and not the cause?" It was really frightened, but her eyes are dark, bright, she was able to stay calm, never Yuchen Li smiled, my heart is inexplicably pantothenic acid, seems to look blank. This time, the ink appears to finally marry the right person. "I have a chance," Li Yuchen The smile is very pale, with whom nothing is easy and free, with a clear stake secret, a rare beauty, "if you lose, had become wrong that accompany me in the belly of the wolf. Well, for women, as a tragic death. " Jiang Mei is a temporary absence. If so beautiful, with death, whether calculated or not a type of relationship? "Do you believe?" Yuchen I saw his heart in silence, a little disappointed, raised his right hand and with pride, "as long as the hand still, the animals closest to us ... ..." "I think" Jiang Mei smiled when he saw his only eye, leaned down to pick up a coin, choose a few to the hands, the rest is in your hands. Simple two words, refined, simple and powerful, in which an important moment of life and death, but Yuchen I just felt in the chest that appears to be a dive, suddenly removes the pain, acute sensation, numbness spread to all members and dissemination of the bones. Now a howl like a hot roll, is a kind of signal is a wolf attack the speaker. Green appeared fury, gradually began firing near bold. Li Yuchen make a quick decision, a film of the fingers curved, some coins, shot and left for a precise cut the throat of the wolf. The forest was "ouch" sound worse howling wolves, was surprised exhaust fast. Jiang Mei excited cry off "" ". The legend of the original master dark, you choose You Jieke damage is not false" "Just the ability to only insignificant that Haiyuan You fly." Yuchen Li gave a smile squint. "The allegory certainly exaggerated!" Mei Jiang joke at the same time not forget he added: "ammunition." cruel wolf, rather than the back little dangerous, do not expect long, dark night of the howling of the wolves returned to play once more fluid. What's worse, is not enough, it started to rain! It smells blood in the gas feed wild wolves, the ferocious attack, even ran to the fire, the sharp teeth of dismantling all resolutions Jiang Mei wine. At night, or suddenly rang, killifish lack the clouds, if the sound is simple, at the beginning of a few kilometers away in a jiffy, should come near. "Chi Chi" torn hollow sound, followed by the "poof" arrows in the flesh in a muffled sound. Jiang Mei turned, and in the evening, a tall man, dressed in black, with a bow in the wind and the rain falling from the clouds, like God, who is the ink? Only in an instant, the wolves were blue camp guards were taken to the air was filled with blood rich in gas. "Yu Chen!" Ink volume in June to wind down, take his hand: "Are you OK?" "ink," said Li Yuchen mouth, bah to exhale a breath GHD BABYLISS red of water, mocking smile ". Its action is slower and slower as the idiot " June ink dark, silent prefers it. "No," said Mei Jiang is busy and keep your hand to prevent it, "broke three ribs, just give him the best, do not move, or dislocation." No June ink, looked in the eyes desmanegat Jiang Mei, a cold, "the rain is so great, do not leave here trapped" "Cut the trunk of the tree to a table simple, "said Jiang Mei suddenly sneeze" cut! Take wiser. Ink June Mei Jiang a careless glance, and then took a look at the wound chest Li Yuchen is clearly strips her clothes inside the coat, cover your body in a cold tunnel. " Take care of your business " Jiang Mei broke the silence in tight clothing aside. Blue occupy three take off the cloth cover over Li Yuchen turn aside Jiang Mei to see. "Well, first soak" We Yuchen lazily raised his eyelids, "do not forget to take my medicine, but are helpful." speech, the litter is finished, two blue and blue Yuchen Li takes to evacuate. Although two people have been very careful, but /> dark and unknown, a low kick to walk, often inevitable, pain Yuchen Li, Jun Yan green The lips of air suction.


Housekeeper for pity! I do, I do not? "Wang Kai, his face axis., Paralysis on the ground and mud. " Well, "Willow Wind turns the rage of love, from the inside of the sleeve nut hit the ground, face a benign pat shoulder ghd sale r "Well, this is 1200, after treatment ghd Australia and give you another 1200. There is so much money, the family is not too difficult to recover. "He has no good money, 1,200 pieces of silver to the body off, Kai Wang take, he vaguely understood that it is a set of office, just quoted, but is full of possibilities sad. Just because he a criminal villain, waiting for the silver knife behind the activities not to know how that would somehow bottom two lines of tears: "Who wants to murder you? "Wind Willow has a lighter sound, even there to see him turn on his heel. Mind Wang Kai to rescue a somehow disturbed. To return to flight clubs, large inner calm, s henchmen in the garden is gathered in the penthouse in the field, he entered the room and said: "Brother, you bet" "Celebrate birthday woman does not have the courage to play poker? If you meet ... ... "" Do not worry, four nap woman, but the paddock, we come back? "" Come here last win in the U.S., it can go. "" No, not immediately. "Kai Wang was released, become anxious and worried about returning to reality, is considering how to do? Xiao Peiqin stood by the window overlooking the front of the palace, anxiously awaiting your return ink, which is already in the hands of others who died a group Shi Jian looked at the box off, hesitate to say? "? miss, all the while not go back " In fact he went to the kitchen to soup with lotus seeds to lose, nine fell lady said good morning, that the letter he said that in the paddock for several days, as it to come back for the four women's birthday Xiu is a contemptuous satire. "Hey, what is it? No life, try asking>ghd sale uk ghd sale uk a for" But, seeing his appearance, had not the courage to say, can only attack by innuendo . "No, "Xiao Peiqin smiled back:" paddock far away, the delay time come back. First we prepare for me a little hot water, I take a bath. " Wind Willow says he left, what's wrong? " Well. "Shi Jian will speak, but without saying anything, it seemed glamorous joy Peiqin Xiao, ultimately say nothing, going by the regime. Shaoqing, Shi Jian back, said to have been organized, and the two of them to the toilet, the bathroom has an oval stick waist high, which has installed a small bucket of water, a wicker basket full of colorful flower petals fine, dry, placed in a chair. If the forest-rich and Zhu Zheng each full charge of the hot water, knock on the door, a load of hot water in the bath vessel, part of Tam, a ceremony. Shi Jian served her go down and distribute beads, hair, make sprinkle flower water, tried to test temperature, helped reed bath, scoop watermelon back in its scope, leading to the hall, he moved his chair to watch. Enjoy the soft and flowing into the club, looked around the courtyard, looking back Kai Wang, laughs: "the return of her brother, you forget to Shi Jian? I find it a bit. "'If weekdays, Wang Kai, saw her, not to tease a few words, was cheap, you have something that was thought " Shi Jian? Here, not there? "Wang Kai, the heartbeat, the stabilization of strong-chin lift. "Shi Jian, you are here, but for me to teach." What can I do for you. Shi Jian was amazed. state office in September (three) "Some of our ladies lady-even 123 456 789 in some way to boil the tea trade lent Mrs. I send four small tools red coal furnace to boil the tea. "Get with a smile. "Tea pay no problem, only to lose ... ..." Shi Jian hesitantly looked at the door . "Oh, said in quiet times, who had dared to enter into a leopard" Get through that Shi Jian expelled ".? A few steps, much lady waiting. " Would be nice. Xiao Peiqin this bubble, at least half hour, no wait, Shi Jian nodded, took her to. Wang Kai, hidden in the background, see the" opportunity to sneak in, Open the door, they saw a house mist of perspiration, the aromatic, bright red dress draped across the screen, clad in purple chiffon dress, especially incantevole. on his toes back a glance, Xiao closed his Peiqin lying in the bath, body in white Qing Lin is partly hidden and partly visible at the waist, perfect round buttocks, slender legs, crooked spine ... well ... He reached out and took the water slowly drops, and skin silky white and pink shades rose with incense, wet hair brilliant shine and move the water along the wavy curve downward, sliding into the ravine. Wang Kai, to floral landscapes Qi Mi, where even keep the heat of the uterus in the crown of the head, one shot behind, hit her arms around his neck to meet:? "a good wife, will you help me ~" This>ghd sale ghd sale e building using but a subtle sense of life, nasal skin soft, smooth hands-free, and full mouth is full of perfume, with the help of the crude oil that girls really are different. So is death, death for the sexual intercourse with her, it was worth it.Xiao. Peiqin caught from behind by someone in the neighborhood, looking goggle recognized Wang Kai will be minor, is afraid, backhand punch, snapped: "beast, you also have a death wish?" Then she could not help but of fish: sounds in the throat Wang Kai, hit in the chest, the thought of dying, fear and fell to the ground, who knows how to wait for a time, but not abnormal, fast Liu was not known to cheat -. sufficient strength for the elimination of the drug to allow, but Xiao Peiqin shocked and gas, with the soft, just to scare him, the hand across his chest., Dazzling the eyes and said: "The beast did not even go" Wang Kai can not all exclaimed, no longer feel afraid, his mouth: "girl, small family, help me ~" screaming in low back on her past. Xiao Peiqin to drive, but very poorly, often exposed, shame and anger and irritation from above, not from below, causing the front and back show where ends Drug Monitoring, Xiao Peiqin now women are lower than normal, but this is a veteran Wang Kai, flowers, no body has been tried, has also drawn from the vessel on the mat hard licks. His long without rain, from the parched, and I hope with all my heart Jing King, has long been a prime that is so plagen? E 'is chosen to move the situation, without knowing escape Yin Jiao, Hector consciously shy, busy forced to bite the lips, tongue biting, it's not. Wang Kai, overjoyed, I have two of the three pairs of trousers, for it is in the ground state ran Jihouhou inside, striving to gallop, and hijacking. Xiao Peiqin know everything with me, martial arts, was an advantage villain servant, lost her virginity, sad you can not suppress, close your eyes and go two lines of tears ... ... In this period we also illusions, but this beast lot of work from the end, to move quickly, just when bitten by a dog, the future he duochengrouni dog Shi Jian took the tea aisle, suddenly glamorous ghd limited edition bathroom with a weak voice, strange heart, closer to a crack in the door to listen, meat is unexpected / impact of one cup / I Zhisheng, flushing red. thought, what time? She was afraid to please God, no, not the real one does not come back, here ... ... Low bah, he hastened to retreat a few steps, suddenly you feel bad, even if the prince is not a bodyguard to bring home for a word they could not could not, by a band of grandchildren turtle can still only play cards I think so, I do not think that Tiger have beaten home. if not king, but who would be? He pushed the door open with a bang, saw the scene, afraid to cover the face and screamed. Xiao Peiqin nature clothes on the floor, eyes closed, his face so sad and joy and happiness as extremely painful, but could not speak. "Shi Jian, no shouting," said Wang Kai , from the kidnapping, he heard the door, jumped naked, his voice dropping the warning. "Help me ~" Shi Jian seen in this way, the tiger was in seventh heaven, he turned and ran screaming voice path. What is the problem s. Willow wind from the time, expected to pass, when I heard a call for help immediately with a break-in. "Small, young lady." Then there is a sober Shi Jian knows that the catastrophe is a walk in his statement. Money Lodge all, he rushed pell-mell to the license. Kai Wang, the man is to act dress with confusion, captured, struggled, it's all chaos and confusion, agitation, tied a strong knot, the time to speak, his mouth was stuffed in a group of smelly socks. Xiao Peiqin closed her eyes on the ground in silence, nor know shame or fainting, both the sign bit of the song, Zhenzhen completely informal, unfit to be seen. The men were flush of shame, not daring to look, and Wang Kai, an outdoor program. Shi Jian hung her tears, and the power she has many dresses casually on her dress, to be sent to the village hall is the old lady. Dead Two beautiful and spacious four-wheel carriage, one after another, Benz on the road slippery post. The wound had come from the pain, let Jiang May frown sensitive. ink-stained car on the wall in June, broad shoulders and narrow waist, soft lines, the body is fairly straight spears, at first glance, like the ancient Greek statue, see silhouettes, really nice to hear or to see. interior atmosphere, such as leisure, storm. The speed is slow, which is also the cushion of silk bed was different, but he still felt shock. I can not sleep, open your eyes in secret, looked at the hole. He looked out the window, the expression is not always expressed, it is strange that she was able to distinguish between his moods. "Can not sleep?" "... In fact ..." two people at the same time open to Ink stop in June, he said. "In fact, you can step forward, we're a bit late." Jiang May the case on its merits. Beijing urgency to do something, not really formal, urged to deal with them, this is ridiculous, it makes no sense. "It is not necessary." You look Danding heart of the dye, micro sorrow. "We" put a nice two words her and her later, it seems that she and Yu Chen is a very delicate aura, and was excluded. "You seem very urgent ~" "You're wrong." June cold ink interrupted her, lifted the curtain on the car behind the car. It looks blue, once waved, expressed as usual. "It's still raining." The wind blows the rain in his face floating Jiang May, filtered cold, spicy heat to bring wound tear a bit faded some. "Cold?" He gave her a look, and not the high call to bring down the curtain. "Do not ~ "His tone exceed the expectations of their own outside of fear, his noble ghd caught making eyebrows. " Well, the car was too boring. 'explained a little later, he was very piercing eyes, his face unexplained fires. "Does it hurt?" He knew. "Well," Jiang May with some dismay looked down ". No worse than Lee Childe " not say much, sitting beside her, pulling her cleavage, with infiltration of the blood of the tape disintegrating," you are not good, as they say in the late? " Wounds so deep, no one day is good for two days, he is not stopped to walk? May Jiang wisely my mouth shut, no solution. He put his hands under the arms, brought her lap. "I ~" and not the children, their relationship is not enough to make him say goodbye to a road, keep your back in Beijing. "Do not move." Though the two characters, with deterrence silent, managed to stop his fight. He put his hand on his shoulder, and as a means of gently undulating Boxcutter was stained with blood, disintegrating belt. white shoulders on the edge due to a laceration wound irregularly serrated bright, like a mouth of the sample, with the coach, shock, muttering to extravasation of blood, to look at this eye. His eyes become cold, thin lips tightened into a straight line, the sweep thin on the eyes. May agglomeration Jiang, unconsciously afraid of the shoulder to her breast tank. This is getting old, to be wiped out so cold, she's just as children do something wrong, let them do it? Surprisingly, he did not speak, but silence for the treatment of the wound, thin hands, with a thin layer of the cocoon, he moved on to the skin, making it a warm and rough texture. A strange tingling sensation as current as a hit all over the body, unconsciously May Jiang shaking gently, almost escaping moan / sing, chomp occupied the lower lip, shy blush. "Hold on, almost to the capital." Ink Eyes Vertical in June gave her a glance, has no place Padded back, but he kept his arms, and arms to adjust for a more comfortable position. Sweat Jiang Mei, deep exhale a stroke of luck, at the same time, the advantage of afterwards: it looks only for comfort, right The car remained on the night before, on the first May Jiang can dominate, monotonous? helpful to her arms and slowly relax your vigilance, unwittingly fall asleep unexpectedly. At midnight, the line of ink in June finally returned to the palace to pacify. accident. This is considered Liu to meet without feeling the wind. His eyes fell on the line behind three blue, blue, three unobservable shook his head. "He was about to speak, but nothing to say ~" willow. "To forget the court," the curtain has fallen, the thin commanded: "What, tomorrow." "It '!" Liu was a sound, but not all the way to go to court to forget. Sounds for the curtain of the blue car, he bent a new purple ghd straightener car, he turned his hand to take in May Jiang. May Jiang briefly wrestled with him, he had to take off, with his hand out of the car, the car is held awaiting umbrella, come help immediately in the cell. Liu was not a decent man, so late to report, must be something important. It will not so insensitive and pestle as a result of others. ! "Miss, a big deal" Only one room, your first words were to jump in May Jiang, "these four dead woman!" "Do not be silly!" Jiang May scolded: "Why do not you ever curse the people die?" "Oh well" race stomp your feet, "Do not! He said the king to take his conspiracy was exposed. curse, this afternoon was caught in the act! The king was the old lady ordered freeloaders auction to die , four lady in the ancestral temple, said he is back with the unknown, there is a dead man? " It is a criminal conspiracy is exposed. Staff is dead, and preserved in the ancestral temple, Jiang would hear in May, hands full again: "What is OK, can not clearly speak, I let people know it well!" The King know, is a rogue criminal as a nice guy, the old lady to play, she is a bit strange, the key is how to take Peiqin Xiao The actual appearance (a) You get a bit more closely, her voice lowered mysterious tunnel: " What? "" Oh, that's his wife and four disorderly conduct at the cemetery and what the private man, "You're a girl, Yun Ying never married, called" private "two words can not help to red in the face. "Wishful" "not just focus on training," I notice you did not like his temperament, gossip quickly, the defense occupied, the expression is despised and hated: "This is the evidence, two people were caught red-handed "? " Pepper King Qin ghd sale uk v Mooch and "his office with certainty, Jiang May half believe and half doubt:" What, did you go "? Looking hierarchical ancient Qin Pei ever held, is the concubine Praetorium masters of the medium in some way, you guys can not do in leather Luck now appear in the original flight club said again, finally a sigh: ". This is the old lady, this gas must immediately two or three blue to mediate be slain, say at least a master, or he is back for good " May Jiang secretly nodded, blue three for not seeing this issue too many questionable points, the storage Ancient and modern, the woman around the world with a skinny girl, Xiao Peiqin as kings and secret backroom arrangements to take things as you can hide Shi Jian? Ten thousand steps, even if the king had a relationship with Mooch, Xiao Peiqin not so silly, by-elections in his birthday and the day in the bathroom. But if Xiao Peiqin completely innocent, but the question.


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computers and the Internet in the past two years can change governments, science, economics and intellectual life in the coming years. In particular, he argues that changes in economic and social organization among the online community have brought an entirely new types of body hair straightener ghd South Africa, the creation of culture and knowledge exchange. He points to the growth of "non-market and non-proprietary" production by volunteers cooperating via the Internet on projects such as Linux and Wikipedia. "Methods of peer production" for these projects, suggest that those involved are not strictly selfish nor purely altruistic, but rather a mixture thereof. People decide for themselves how they want to contribute - what a piece of Linux infrastructure to work, which the Wikipedia editing - a process which in turn leads to a form of self-organization of a distributed system. Linux and Wikipedia in this way "point to the emergence of a new information environment in which individuals are free to take a more active role than was possible in the industrial information economy of the twentieth century TION." BEST 06BOOKS For Professor Benkler, the manufacturing is the source of all kinds of hope. Widespread participation in Linux and Wikipedia, he argues, may herald a renewed interest in government by the people. Moreover, such a voluntary global partnership has the right to act "as a mechanism to achieve improvements in human development everywhere," when used to reduce the high costs of agricultural and pharmaceutical innovation for developing countries. Benefits in the form of more powerful individuals and coalitions in the political, economic and cultural spheres are not, however nteed ghd sale Guara. Professor Benkler explains how traditional media is the implementation of legal and political tactics to protect themselves against losses in the face of technological interference. He tells us why the film, video, software, chip and computer industry want to build a control for digital media devices to limit the power users - without, by the way, is doing much to reduce the problem of piracy. The real goal: recentralize control innovation and commercial exploitation of digital technology. Resulting from the battles raging over telecommunications, copyright, digital rights management and define "institutional ecology of the digital environment," says Professor Benkler, influencing not only what people consume media, but what forms of media production people, "as autonomous individuals, as citizens, as well as culture and community participants -. influence, and others see the world as it is and how it can be "Professor Benkler makes a compelling case that too much is at stake for us to sit back and let others - especially those in the mainstream media who lose so much - decide. Although all the books in class titles this year, leading media solution to weighty issues - selected urban expansion, climate change - a manifesto of Professor Benkler turns into a much-needed attention to the problems of large scope and the time that they deserve far more public attention than previously to get even. For this reason, we chose the richness of the network for the best book about the future in 2006. best books of 2006, the future 4 Henry Jenkins is lighter, if not ghd iv less serious books about the media has opened my eyes to how large corporations and amateur producers of culture have to work together. In Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide, describes the active participation of consumers of the media in creating a culture, and argues that top-down and bottom-up is not a collision, but rather a connection - not always pleased the largest media companies. Instead of passive consumers manipulated that some critics of corporate media portray, Professor Jenkins sees the culture of consumers, who manipulate and based on the entertainment that buys from major media Companie style = "color: # 000000"> rare ghd leopard print s. Invoking Pierre Lévy theories of "collective intelligence" describes, for example, the online fan community organized a global campaign to crack the mysteries of intelligence pink Survivor reality television series ghd corrosion. This is known turf Henry Jenkins, professor of Humanities DeFlorz and founder / director of comparative media studies program at MIT, whose previous work text Poachers (Routledge, 1992) deals with the fan [url=]ghd straighteners[/url] ghd straighteners d community that created the unauthorized alternative scenarios - all stories, books, even movies - about their favorite characters on Star Trek or Star Wars. Such convergence is not without conflicts: When Warner Brothers tried to crack down on unauthorized online version of the Daily Prophet, the function d in the newspaper ghd limited edition Harry Potter series, they were overwhelmed by the success of the global on-line protest organized by the creator and editor of the Prophet - 14-year-old Heather Lawver. But some media companies have learned that there is much to gain from playing with these self-generated community of fans. The biggest successes online game developers realize that the participants will pay for the opportunity to create their own entertainment. In multiplayer online role-playing games like The Sims, EverQuest and World of Warcraft, the publisher defines the characteristics of heroes and powers, but conflicts and tasks, and the battles, the community that extend to the physical media and BEST 06BOOKS virtual world economy, which players pay real money for digital swords and other devices, are organized and invented by the players. Economists estimate that the virtual economy of EverQuest is itself tantamount to Bulgaria. Extended [b]ghd sale[/b] d effects social networks of these games with people who can be a valuable social or business contacts in the physical world has led to the stereotype [b]ghd straighteners[/b] o that "World of Warcraft is the [url=]ghd sale[/url] ghd sale q new golf." Just like Professor Benkler lays bare the structural changes that underlie online [url=]ghd iv styler[/url] ghd iv styler r games, open source and Wikipedia, Professor Jenkins shows how today's "mashups" that combine and juxtapose samples of the popular audio-visual works (so far, mostly illegally), have become an art form in itself. Web site, for example, a combination of real estate listings from with Google Maps to create an extremely handy locator affordable housing. Professor Benkler pieces together Wikipedia, the blogosphere, Howard Dean campaigns presidency ghd iv confidential and open source communities to keep track [url=]ghd styler[/url] ghd styler f of changes power to persuade, inform, educate and sell. Professor Jenkins fan fiction pieces together, cross-media entertainment franchises, online games, and yes, the blogosphere and the Dean campaign, reveal how the new "participatory culture" that helps public and private interests coevolve even as they are contradictory. "Power citizen media is that it differentiates, the power of mass media is that it strengthens. Therefore, we should be concerned with the flow between the two: expanding opportunities for participation provides the greatest opportunity for cultural diversity. Throw away the rights to broadcast and need only the fragmentation of culture," he writes. "The power part is not from destroying commercial culture but from writing over it, modding [change] is, change it, expanding it by adding a greater variety of perspectives, and then closed it, feeding it back to the media." As Professor Benkler and Professor Jenkins clearly, the changes which are now transform the nature of the entertainment industry, education, economics, intellectual property, journalism, research, and the function of democracy means. But the best books of 2006 years of business strategy for the future 5 45 + problem matter who owns, controls, ghd MK4 and benefits of these changes will determine who wins the political conflicts of the power of technology. Together, Professor Benkler and Professor Jenkins paints a broad and detailed picture of this little-known, but all the important struggle for power. Megacities and Regional Squatter technopolises cyberworld may have gained in importance in recent years, but a world in which our bodies live will always be the first application of our attention. Thus, each of us should reflect on the fact that Homo sapiens will s style = "color: # 000000"> rare leopard ghds oon the first time in its history, predominantly urban species. In Shadow Cities: Billion Squatters, New Urban World, Robert Neuwirth examines the implications of this fact, together with the changes is made by the unrestrained development of squatter cities around the world. At the same time, like the squatter city spreads everywhere, so are the Silicon Valley. Life in the mid-21st century will be strongly influenced by both phenomena. Annalee Saxenian, a pyramid, "developed a range of advanced and unregulated systems that make urban life work." These tenants mix [b]ghd iv styler[/b] i more concrete than the developer. They lay more brick than any government. They created a huge hidden economy - the unofficial system of squatter landlords and squatter tenants, squatter merchants and squatter consumers, squatter builders and squatter laborers, squatter brokers and squatter investors, squatter teachers and squatter schoolkids, squatter beggars and squatter millionaires. Squatters are the largest residential builder in the world - and are created in the cities of the future "BEST 06BOOKS There's even a sort of extralegal rule of law and order .. Take your life in your hands ghd ceramic straighteners when you walk a lot plains of Rio de Janeiro, but you do not have fear of muggers in favelas huge hill, city tenant, where about one-fifth of the inhabitants of Rio alive. There, the local drug gangs maintain law and order, making sure that the only crimes that occur are of them. Lu-Squatters are the largest residential builder in [b]ghd styler[/b] x the world - and are created in the cities of the future. the best books of 2006 years the future of 6 New Argonauts: Regional Advantage in a global economy, looks to increase revenue and extend the links techno-economic regions from Shenzhen to San Jose. These two global trends are already triggering massive changes in both the highest and lowest economic strata. Mr. Neuwirth, a journalist, lived for several months at a time, in the vast, vibrant and surprisingly enterprising squatter cities of Rio de Janeiro, Nairobi, Istanbul and Mumbai. The sheer scale and pace of the world Mr. Neuwirth describes are stunning : Every year 70 million people leave their rural homes and migrate to the cities. In the year 2030 will probably be the world's 2 billion residents. After reading Shadow Cities, think pink ghd twice about ever using the term slum - and you certainly have a better idea, how hundreds of millions of new residents cope with their poverty, and how their survival strategies will change the world in coming decades. (See also "City Planet," Stewart Brand, a + b, Spring 2006, www.strategy-business . com / press/article/06109.) Mr. Neuwirth documents, such as those in the "bottom ple Mr. Neuwirth describes are not presented as raw statistics. These are his neighbors, his owners, his friends. Mr. Neuwirth stresses the need to see the nobility of tenants and desperation by the gimlet eye: "Not a government in existence is successfully building for the poorest of the poor. Thus, the poorest of the poor build yourself. It may not fit into any great ideological category, and the certainly is illegal, according to law. But it is sensible, patriotic, and worthy of a true citizen. " At the other end of the spectrum of economic, Annalee Sax style = "color: # 000000"> leopard print ghds enian, dean of the School of Information at University of California at Berkeley, studied the ways of foreign-born, US-trained technology entrepreneurs have returned to their countries in recent years to create businesses, industry and entire industrial regions. Just as the emergence of Fairchild and Intel was only the beginning to the Silicon Valley, Saxenian professor thinks the appearance of Indian companies like Infosys and Chinese companies like Lenovo is just the beginning of the development of joint regional technical and economic hotspots. How much of the rest of the globalizing economy, new rivals to Silicon Valley are also its economic partners and intellectual heirs. Professor Saxenian has a deep understanding of what makes Silicon Valley and ghd ceramic iron his counterparts around the world grow. Regional Advantage (Harvard University Press), its 1994 investigation, and why Silicon Valley companies such as Sun Microsystems, the residents managed to Route 128 in Boston, such as Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), it has become a classic business school. The importance of the circulation of thoughts, ideas and projects in a relatively fluid, constantly changing, open system is crucial for the success of Silicon Valley. The New Argonauts, Professor Saxenian takes her earlier global analysis. Her research has shown similar dynamics at work in the world of engineers, who came to Palo Alto from Taipei, Mumbai and Tel Aviv, earned their degrees and have worked their first jobs in semiconductor, PC, or Internet-based industry, and now putting their expertise to work at home entrepreneurs and investors. Social, intellectual and economic relations between these 'new Argonauts', their caregivers and peers in the U.S., and their colleagues and pupils in their mother countries are members of the system much more complex and much more cooperation, and even sharing (next to the traditional cutthroat competition ) than in previous eras. If Professor Saxenian's right, this Silicon Valley-style economic development may be good news for large populations in developing countries who would like to move to a relatively decent standard of living, very possible,


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