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November 20, 2006


Bopanna Kallichanda

This helped me. The problem with my package was not having direction = output


Thanks for your feedback Bopanna.


hey,I've checked your procedure and it's very interesting...unfortunately, what I'm looking for is using a package inside a visual basic form.Inside the package runs a SP that HAS to use a variable to show the information the user wants,you know what I mean??..I hope so.Anyway,the thing is that I can't find the way to pass this variable through the form to the package so I can see the info I want.Hope you can help me with this.
Thanks. Jesus


is this issue the same for running some SQL Task? I have been using jsome insert and updating commands with parameter using'?' in OLEDB conn but it is throwing a vague error:

[Execute SQL Task] Error: Executing the query "UPDATE dc SET dc.payrollType = dcs.PayrollType, dc.checkDate = dcs.checkDate, dc.periodBegin = dcs.periodBegin, dc.periodEnd = dcs.periodEnd, dc.description = dcs.description , dc.status= dcs.status, dc.frequency = dcs.frequency, dc.emplType = dcs.emplType, dc.emplFilter =dcs.emplFilter, dc.lastETLDate = ? FROM dimCalendarDetail dc inner join DimCalendarDetail_Staging dcs ON = WHERE dc.calendarId = dcs.calendarId AND dc.batch = dcs.batch SELECT @@ROWCOUNT AS rowUpdate " failed with the following error: "Invalid object name 'dc'.". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly.

I found couple of blog mentioning it could be because of Service Pack. Now I have new service pack installed (SP 2 for sql2005) and is still showing the same error. Any help will be highly appretiated.



this gave me a huge help.thnx a lot


Hi ...
your problem seems to be in the ", dc.lastETLDate = ? FROM " part of the query...i have the same problem ... and found that the query parser does not allow using the "?" as parameter in the SELECT part of the query. it only permits to parse queries with the parameters in last part of the query as the WHERE condition

hope it helps .

Atul Saxena

for the valueble support.
Can u tell me how can I run the same package with different combination of source and destination dyanmically . I want to run the ETL in single shot


Finally, a sample that works!!!

but why OLE? Why does my .Nyet fails?...


Thank you!! You really helped me


this was the first site of many that defined it clearly and worked first time! thanks! ><

Alan Barber

Thanks very much for this. I couldn't get the syntax for OLEDB right for ages until I read your post. Cheers.


Thanks for this great post


I tried passing a value to a proc with in a OLEDB source but after mapping when I try to parse it gives me an error saying
invalid parameter number
the syntax is

exec proc_name ?,?

Hope you can help me with this. I searched lot of blogs but couldn't find any solution.

Jordan Jumpman

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